Our Business

AIRPORT ENGINEER offers expert skills research services to the airport sector, publishing advertisements on the AIRPORT ENGINEER website and defining desired profiles on My AIRPORT ENGINEER.

With its extensive network and many years’ experience in this sector, AIRPORT ENGINEER helps its customers to take that extra step and build their success thanks to successful recruitment.


Often our customers have difficulty defining and formalising their initial needs. Good recruitment begins with a clear definition of what the needs are and a solid understanding of the environment.


We understand the airport environment and our approach putting people first.

To help our customers to identify their needs, we have developed My Airport Engineer.

Each request is managed by a specialist who proposes the experts corresponding to the sought profile, taking into account the specific details of the position and the expectations of the expert.


Our understanding of a complex activity sector with important stakes and a tailor-made approach that meets your recruitment needs.


HR managers and project managers should feel confident in expressing their needs to a professional who understands the complexities of their environment.

To be able to establish sustainable relationships, both recruiters and experts should be thinking long term. That’s why AIRPORT ENGINEER puts the stakeholders at the heart of its recruitment process. To achieve successful recruitment, AIRPORT ENGINEER takes everyone’s needs and desires into account.

We provide a supportive atmosphere in which expert engineers can express their desires and projects freely.

AIRPORT ENGINEER gives airport experts a dedicated space in which expert engineers can build their professional careers over time and according to their professional goals.