Our Activity

AIRPORT ENGINEER offers expert skills search services to the majors of the airport and aeronautical sectors through the publication of ads on the AIRPORT ENGINEER website or by defining the profile sought with My AIRPORT ENGINEER.

With its network and many years of experience in this environment, AIRPORT ENGINEER supports its clients to go further and build their success through successful recruitment.


Often our clients have difficulties in defining and formalising their initial needs.

Successful recruitment starts with a good definition of the needs and a good knowledge of the environment.


We know the airport environment and our approach puts people first.

To help our customers formalise their needs, we decided to develop a tool adapted to their needs: My Airport Engineer.

Each request is managed by a specialist who selects the experts corresponding to the profile sought, taking into account the specificities of the position and the expectations of the expert.


Understanding of a complex, high-stakes business sector and a tailor-made approach to your recruitment needs.


The HR manager or project manager must be able to express his or her resource needs with confidence to a professional who understands the complexity of the environment.

To establish lasting relationships, it is necessary to think in the long term with both recruiters and experts, which is why AIRPORT ENGINEER puts the people involved in its recruitment process at the heart of it. To succeed in recruitment, AIRPORT ENGINEER takes into account the needs and realities of each person.

The expert engineer has a benevolent framework in which to freely express his or her wishes and aspirations.

AIRPORT ENGINEER provides airport experts with a dedicated space in which the expert engineer can build his or her professional career over time and according to his or her wishes.